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Graduate NWA is designed to provide information about Northwest Arkansas higher education opportunities and to encourage local residents to restart and complete their education at one of the region’s technical schools, colleges or universities.

Students leave school before completing their degree for many reasons, including family obligations, financial challenges and poor academic performance. That’s understandable. However, armed with good information and the proper support, completing your education is well within reach.

Graduate NWA works with six nonprofit institutions in the region:

1) John Brown University (JBU)

2) NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)

3) Northwest Technical Institute (NTI)

4) The University of Arkansas (U of A)

5) The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Northwest (UAMS)

6) The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (UAFS)

These institutions have joined forces with area chambers of commerce, the Northwest Arkansas Council, and other region-minded individuals and organizations to develop this website as a gateway to help Northwest Arkansas increase how many people in our region have college degrees.

Completed degrees aren’t just beneficial to the individuals who earn them. An educated workforce is critical to attracting new companies to a region, providing new jobs and ultimately raising the standard of living for all Northwest Arkansas residents.

For more information about the statewide effort to encourage Arkansans to complete their college education, visit www.comeback2goforward.com or click on the image.


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